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Chambre d'hôte for singles, couples and families.

Maison du Guit has a large ensuite room, with a cathedral ceiling and platane floor, which overlooks 200 year old oak trees and a majestic pine, with views of the vineyards beyond.

This room has a king-sized bed, as well as a single bed with an under-bed trundle. There are Egyptian cotton towels and bed linen.

The room can be booked either as a double or as a family room.

Double ensuite with breakfast  95€

Family ensuite with breakfast  95€ + 10€ per child


Breakfast includes granola, children's cereals, porridge, yogurts, seeds, honey, jams, freshly squeezed orange juice, eggs, bread, croissants and chocolatines.

Sometimes other rooms are also available, these include two double rooms, a bunk room or a four-bedded room.


All rooms have free wifi.

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Double room
Bunk Room
4 bed chambre d'hôte
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