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Logan Murray's

Adventures in Comedy Writing



Wednesday 23rd August - Wednesday 30th August 2023


We are delighted to welcome back comedy guru, Logan Murray, for his fourth year at Maison du Guit. Logan’s hugely popular course is designed to unlock your unique comic voice or, as he puts it, 'to unleash your inner idiot'. Logan’s workshops are legendary; fun and laughter are guaranteed, and his courses and methods are renowned around the world.


Logan is a working comic and award winning director, author of ‘Teach Yourself Stand Up Comedy’, and script consultant for BBC 3. He has recently run a series of writing workshops for the Radio Four Comedy Department.


Logan’s courses offer a unique opportunity to explore his belief that Comedy really is a life skill! We all have moments in our lives where we make other people laugh. But a ‘good sense of humour’ isn’t just innate – it can be nurtured. That comedy muscle is like any other part of the human mind and body; the more we exercise it, the stronger it becomes!

Adventures in Comedy Writing 


What could be more energising and empowering than spending a week being creative, developing your comedy technique, uncovering your unique comic voice and - most importantly - making other people laugh like drains?

Together the group will explore different forms of humour writing and technique to help ignite your inner comic genius, formulate new ideas and execute these ideas in novel and dynamic ways.

Through practical exercises your comic voices will soon be flowing freely in a supportive workshop environment. Not only will you learn some tricks of the trade, you will also gain a greater awareness of the multitude of differing comic styles that the group manifest.

These comedy skills aren’t only for the professional comedian or the aspiring script writer, they are also a fantastic way to think outside of the box, hone your communication skills and increase your confidence in everyday life.



’The Adventures in Comedy Writing course with Logan was a week full of laughs and learning accompanied by loads of wine and delicious food. What’s not to like?’

'Because I went on the course it embedded the theory much more effectively than just reading Logan's book could ever do, because you actually tried it out. The food and drink you both provided was fantastic, and the hospitality. I certainly would come back....'

'Logan’s comedy writing course was definitely one of the most fun things I did in 2018. We worked on a lot of comedy games and exercises and we came up with a bunch of new bits and jokes. Logan spent a lot of extra time attending to everyone’s questions and ideas the whole week. The group I worked with was an energetic and fun bunch of comedians. While we were writing, we were being catered to by the lovely Claire with the real French deal (pain au chocolat, anyone?) Maison du Guit, the pool, the dogs and surroundings were wonderful, as was our other very English host Martin. I definitely want to come back here soon.'

Logan in the studio.jpg

A Typical Course Day

9.30 am                   Continental breakfast with

                                  cereals, yogurts, eggs, bread,

                                  croissants, chocolatines,                                                          fresh orange juice, coffee and tea

10.30 am                 Workshop in the Studio


Around 2 pm          Lunch (salads, omelettes, 

                                  pizzas, fruit)

2 pm                         Writing exercises/trip out/play                                            tennis/relax by the pool/siesta 


7 pm                         Aperitifs

Around 8.00 pm   3 course dinner (plant-based/                                                fish/free-range chicken)

Price of the holiday


7 nights, full board (except for one evening when the group will pay for their own meal at a local restaurant) and 5 days of tuition in a:

Shared room (large room with 4 single beds)

£800 per person

Single occupancy £995

Double room (double bed) £850 per person

Single occupancy £995

Double ensuite room  £950 per person (double bed/2 single beds)

Single occupancy £1 100 

Small single room ensuite single bed/bunk beds) £995

Large double ensuite room (double bed + one single) £995 per person

Single occupancy £1 200

Travel arrangements


There is a complementary airport pick up and drop off for this course:

Ryanair flight number 522 on Wednesday 23rd August, leaving Stansted at 13:45 arriving at Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées at 16:40.

Ryanair flight number 523 on Wednesday 30th August, leaving Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées at 17:10 arriving at Stansted at 18:05.

We are also able to arrange a pick up/drop off at Mont de Marsan SNCF station.

Wednesday 23rd August for train arriving at 12:14

Wednesday 30th August for train leaving at 10:46


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